Ultimate tips for short-listing colleges and universities for overseas education

In a student’s life, planning to study abroad is a very leading decision that you make, and to attain it, every step must be taken after gaining a comprehensive understanding of the entire overseas education process. The first and foremost step towards studying abroad is shortlisting colleges and universities and again GoToUniversity is here to assist and counsel you with considerable options to study abroad. 

Our GTU portal is loaded with information that would help you in university shortlisting. Its interesting elements and tools are sufficient to make anyone feel overwhelmed with the abundance of information that it provides like- university finder, compare universities, university program finder, advanced search, etc. With the help of the GTU portal, you can ease your search and successfully pass over the first step question of how to shortlist colleges and universities? Apart from the portal, we have many expert overseas education consultants who impart information and assistance concerning the application process and after shortlisting colleges and universities. Let us look at some tips and factors mentioned by our experts to be kept in mind while shortlisting universities overseas.

Academic requirement

The primary tip that our experts give you is to find out the academic requirement of the program that you wish to apply for in any college or university. You should match up to their requirement for admission standards as every college or university has a different academic requirement for the programs they offer for undergraduate and postgraduate. GoToUniversity expert counsellors provide you with factual and relevant information concerning the program.

Cost of living and tuition fee

While shortlisting college and universities a question that comes along with it is the expenses of university and living while studying overseas. When you plan to study abroad apart from the tuition fee, another factor to look upon is the living expense which varies from country to country and the location also where the college and university are situated. Speaking of cost and living expenses while studying overseas, our education consultants at GoToUniversity support you in shortlisting colleges of your preference as per academic background.


Since the cost of living and tuition fee matters the most during your education journey in an overseas university or college, to make it further reasonable you must look for universities that provide scholarships to the students. The university might propose financial assistance for your tuition fees but most importantly the amount plays an essential role when shortlisting colleges and universities in foreign countries.

Subject ranking universities

While shortlisting universities overseas you must also check the ranking of the university concerning the particular subjects that you want to apply for. Some universities have specialisation in specific courses and you must make sure of which subject is offered by which university with great results.

Placements and career opportunities

The career options and placement cell of a university are worth spending time on as you should know if the university you will be applying for helps students place and widen their career opportunities. The process of university shortlisting is not completed without knowing what are going to be the opportunities you are going to get after the completion of your degree. You must know where you want to see yourself in the next succeeding years and where the program and university of your choice should take you in terms of your career development.

Graduate success rate

While shortlisting universities overseas you must ensure that the universities on your shortlist have a success rate of graduation which indicates the number of students who have successfully graduated or post graduated from the university and how well they do in their career after obtaining a degree from that university.

GoToUniversity professionals and expert consultants guide you in shortlisting universities overseas and also selecting colleges as per your academic capabilities and according to the expenditure that your pocket allows. They also provide you with detailed and relevant information about the finest courses and universities of your preferences across the globe. GTU has emerged with the most outstanding university finders and 99% of students who use GoToUniversity admission counselling end up being chosen in their desired universities.

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