Shortlisting of Colleges and Universities

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Shortlisting of Colleges and Universities

Role of Study Abroad Consultants in University Short-listing Process

The two biggest challenges for any international student looking for higher studies are 

  • Finding a suitable university for higher studies and 
  • Choosing an effective graduate or postgraduate study program. 

Due to the broad range of study programs proposed across the top 1700-odd universities of the world, learners battle to decide which choice to make. Therefore, most of the students serious about their careers seek guidance from credible and skilled study-abroad counselors in the the UAE and India, like GoToUniversity. The GoToUniversity team of qualified academic counselors helps students in this daunting task of short-listing universities and study programs. Let’s find out how study abroad consultants help students:

Shortlisting of Colleges and Universities

Students often wonder which college or university is best for them. When it comes to narrowing down institutions from the global education system, study abroad advisors like GoToUniversity assist students with university shortlisting and selection services. Our college shortlisting service is also very unique in its own way, if you wish to compare universities on your concerning the programs, fees, location, graduation and acceptance rate, requirements etc, you can visit our portal ‘’ and compare colleges and programs almost in all the countries around the globe with the help of ‘Compare University’ option.

GoToUniversity’s professional study abroad consultants guide the most resourceful and skillful minds in selecting the institution that is most suited for the subject they wish to follow, and that too in the country of their priority. Our specially-built ‘University Finder’ tool meticulously chooses the best institutions in some of the best countries, putting an end to your confusion about selecting the best and most educated decision.

Our Role

In addition, GoToUniversity’s expert counselors provide you with comprehensive and related information about some of the finest courses offered at these shortlisted colleges. We have developed as the most outstanding university finders, shortlisting some of the top institutions in the world and courses you’re choosing. Depending on your academic performance, our team of counselors will recommend some of the best courses and top colleges in the nation where you wish to complete your study.

GoToUniversity save your time by finding you the right University with the right program in the right country. GoToUniversity has a team of highly equipped admissions consultants in UAE and India to help students choose colleges based on their interests, program preferences, academic records, etc. 99% of students who use it GoToUniversity's admission counseling get into one of these recommended universities.

Extracurricular Activities

Study abroad consultancies in India and UAE like GoToUniversity understand that top international universities want to understand a student's drive, motivation, and life objectives to locate the "ideal match" student for their undergraduate programs. As a result, GoToUniversity also provides some guidance on co-curricular activities and community services which reflects that they are enthusiastic about outside of the classroom to maximize their additional time.

GoToUniversity has identified several high-quality colleagues and operates as a liaison between them and students to promote them in learning the following activities:

  • Dance
  • Martial Arts
  • Swimming
  • River Sports
  • Mountaineering
  • Shooting
  • Archery
  • Rugby
  • Golf Basketball


Study abroad consultants like GoToUniversity help students right from the university short-listing procedure to the visa procedure and everything else included. In addition, experienced counselors at GoToUniversity assist the students in their unbroken admission process and make sure candidates get into their dream universities anywhere in the world.

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