What are the main keys to an academic CV for study abroad?

As everyone has ambitions of studying somewhere, you have never been and attaining a degree from an overseas University or college seems to be a great opportunity. One of the main components that you have to keep in mind while applying to study abroad is to make sure that your CV or resume which is a report of your academic and professional qualifications, achievements, and skills must look interesting enough to secure you a seat. For crafting an academic CV, we here at GoToUniversity provide you with academic CV services only for the students who are intending to study abroad. As you are familiar with the fact that a resume is no less than your first impression in front of the admission officers and thus must be formulated very carefully and with proper direction. There are certain points that you need to keep in mind while crafting an academic CV for overseas study.

Academic qualifications

While crafting an academic CV the first and foremost point to be kept in mind is that you mention your academic background and relevant work experience as well. You have to be sure of enlisting your academic accomplishments and qualifications in great detail yet in brief and following a particular order so that the admission officer does not have to strive while comprehending and understanding the details.

Clear and concise

As important as crafting an academic CV, the length of it must not be overlooked. Your CV should be very well written and become easy for the admission officer to go through it in chronological order. However, you must keep it as short as possible. Secondly, the structuring of an academic CV for overseas study should be relatively well structured in terms of giving preference to the information and mentioning what is necessary first. Perfectly crafting an academic CV is the best way to show the admission committees your improvement and evolvement in recent years.

Don’t forget to mention your work experience if you have any

Speaking of your work experience, crafting an academic CV is one of the reasonable moves to be in the spotlight and also in the sights of the admission officers. Do not forget to mention any internships you have had earlier it would add some extra stars to your profile heightening your chances of being liked by them while coming to final selections. Mentioning internships and work experiences opens more chances of you getting selected and shows the admission committee that you went an extra mile for your career and stepped out of your comfort zone to experience a better world and gain more knowledge and experience concerning your field. 

Recheck and proofread

Crafting an academic CV with no errors is an additional point that you gain in the eyes of the admission officers. Read through your CV and make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors. You can also benefit from the facilities of the academy CV services of GTU under the supervision of our overseas education consultants with their expertise in every field relevant to your application and excels in crafting a perfect academic CV for overseas study.

Co-curricular activities and community services 

Co-curricular activities are also an integral part of crafting an academic CV. Co-curricular activities show the admission officers your interest beyond your academic qualifications and attainments also, your community services reveal your attitude and offerings towards the betterment of your community. Our overseas education experts at GoToUniversity provide you with academic CV services and format a perfect CV for your application under their guidance. Students indulged in extra activities and community services have a possibility of getting chosen by the admission officers because such students bring some extra characteristics with them which add significance to the course and the class as well. It is important to let them know of your qualities of leadership, communication skills, empathy, passion, and so on to assess your profile and put in a little more time while going through your CV.

At GTU our experts help you in every possible way of crafting an academic CV for overseas study and provide you with services relevant to your application to ease the process of studying abroad. You must take guidance from GTU to stand out amongst other CVs and get into your desired university.

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