Crafting Academic CV

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Crafting an Academic CV

An academic CV is used only in academic applications because it has a unique format. Although academic CVs are longer than other types of CVs, it is better to make them not longer than four pages. We have seen how different types of Academic CVs are accepted by admissions committees in different colleges so we are here to give you the right guidance on how to write an academic CV based on our decades-long experience as an engaging CV helps you to stand out of the crowd and heightens the possibilities of your selection. 

Academic CV guidance

Our education counselors provide you with the right format and guidance on how to craft an academic CV? The services of college application are only for the students who are intending to study abroad. As you are familiar with the fact that a resume is no less than your first impression in front of the admission officers and thus must be formulated very carefully and with proper direction. Our professional editors proofread what you have drafted and suggest changes to the content if required. Once the content has been finalized, they amend the appearance. Sometimes the candidate finds it hard to comprehend the final product as his CV.

Things to remember-

While creating an academic CV for abroad study you must follow certain Curriculum Vitae tips that our expert counselors have gathered for you to craft and amazing and engaging CV-

Academic qualifications

Our counselors help you to enlist your academic qualifications in brief as it would be easier to read by the admission officers having a clear idea about your profile. A good academic background and experiences makes a good CV which can engage the admission officers for a longer time than others.

Work experience (if any)

The academic CV having a work experience detail would never be overlooked by the admission officers as it gives them a very clear idea of your personality, leadership ability, teamwork and everything else apart from your academic background.

Extra-curricular activities / Accomplishments

Mentioning about your extracurricular activities would reflect your interest in the activities beyond your classroom and studies as according to them students involved in activities apart from studies would bring some extra characteristics with them which would add some significance to the course and their academics.

Community services / Leadership roles

Highlights of your community services in your academic CV adds several stars to your profile as it gives an idea to the admission committee about your leadership qualities, communication skills, empathy, passion, social behavior and so on.

Expert verification

Getting your CV verified by an admission consultant as they provide you with every application services and guide you with every step to settle you in your desired university.

Skills and interests

Your academic CV must highlight your skills and interests apart from your academic qualifications as will display your overall personality.

Sample CV

Sample CV


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