Which are some best universities for studying CS and IT overseas?

Computer science and IT are one of the most preferred and in high-demand courses in recent years as the science and technology in today’s world are growing rapidly and dynamically reaching their peak. There is a new invention somewhere in the world almost every day. People are getting used to the new inventions and want to be a part of it somehow as it is mesmerizing in its way. The students are being drawn towards the course in high number and want to indulge themselves to study computer science and information technology at top universities

As students these days are opting more and more to study abroad and want to know the best universities to study computer science and information technology. So here we have enlisted some of the top universities in the world that offers CS and IT courses- 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Commonly known as MIT and this university every year tops the list of the world's best universities in the world. When it comes to studying computer science and information technology, MIT tends to become the first choice of the students and since it tops the best universities in the world, getting admission to this university is quite challenging with an acceptance rate of less than 5%.

QS World University Ranking - 1

Location- Cambridge, USA 

Average fees/year for UG - $ 52,000 - $ 60,000

Average fees/year for PG - $ 54,000 - $ 70,000

University of Oxford

This university is located in England, UK, and is the second oldest university in the world, falls under the list of top ten universities in the world for computer science and technology courses.

QS World University Ranking - 6

Location- England, UK

Average fees/year for UG and PG - $ 38,000 - $ 40,000

Stanford University 

Stanford is another university that is among the top universities in the world to pursue computer science and IT programs. For many years hundreds of students are accepted into the university through the university has a very low acceptance rate and high competition as well. It offers many other courses than CS and IT.

QS World University Ranking - 3

Location- Stanford, USA 

Average fees/year for UG - £ 26,000 - £ 37,000

Average fees/year for PG - £27,000 - £ 30,000

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is located in Canada and falls in the category of the top universities. Students who want to study computer science and Information technology at top universities have this university on their preference list. It has a wide range of subjects in computer science including- programming languages, software engineering, operating systems, compilers, networks, numerical analysis and scientific computing, financial computing, data structures, and much more relevant to the field. 

QS World University Ranking - 11

Location- Canada

Average fees/year for UG - CAD 36,000 - CAD 60,000

Average fees/year for PG - CAD 25,000 - CAD 70,000

University of Waterloo

The University is located in Ontario, Canada. At one of the world's best schools for computer science and IT, programs offer more than 70+ courses with varied opportunities along with the course. A degree attained from this university would lead you to work with leading technology companies and shape your career in the field of science and technology.

QS World University Ranking - 23

Location- Canada

Average fees/year for UG and PG - CAD 41,000 - CAD 62,000

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