Why is a letter of recommendation important for overseas education?

A letter of recommendation (LOR) is an issuance by your former teacher or professor bearing witness to your academic background, skills, and capabilities. It showcases the credibility of students and highlights factors relevant to your academic qualifications, and your capacities to learn and grow in your career. You have come across people saying how carefully an application needs to be prepared, and a well-crafted letter of recommendation for college is one such required document that would bring you closer to your selection which ultimately intensifies the opportunities of getting spotted by the admission officer. At GoToUniversity certain features are proposed by our counsellors, such as the letter of recommendation services like many other services that we provide. It states what a LOR should contain, and how important are LORs for college?

Mark your academic background and capabilities

A LOR for college is as crucial a document as your college essay and personal statement is. It also serves as proof concerning your school or college academic qualifications, achievements, or any projects for an instance, you have been a part of a project in your school or college days that received considerably good recognition and the same should be spoken of in your LOR as well as it helps them to get an overview of your personality and heightens the possibilities of your selection from the crowd. Also, it should be coming from an impartial source because the admission officers assume it to be a better parameter to judge a student.

An outlook of a third person

Since letters of recommendation are written by a third person like your teacher or professor, it is considered an honest perspective of them about you. Most people require a letter of recommendation for colleges to know about your substantiate qualities like discipline and dedication towards academics and the way they rise with your potential of teamwork, leadership and keep yourself motivated to grow in a particular field. All of these qualities are supposed to be mentioned by your previous teacher or professor along with good qualities and the areas of modification that you might need to focus on.

A glimpse of your leadership and teamwork abilities

Mentioning your leadership and abilities to work in a team would be more effective if your teacher or professor provides the admission officers with some instances influenced by your achievements. A good letter of recommendation to study abroad should be focused upon not just your academic grades but your soft skills as well including your interaction skills, your flexibility and adjustability, leadership skills, working with a group or team, problem-solving, decision making, and how much effort you put in while working individually or with a team. A LOR for college should also highlight your accomplishments in co-curricular activities and community services if any as it conveys more transparency about how well you perform in various areas except your studies.

Letter of recommendation services by GoToUniversity

At GTU our services focused on every single thing attached to your application process whether it is a college essay, Standardised test preparation, personal statements, SoPs, and letter of recommendation for colleges. We are here to provide you with every benefit which would help you in reaching abroad for higher education. Our expert counsellors at GTU also provide LOR services and LOR samples for students also, along with various services you need to apply to study abroad successfully. our overseas education consultants help the student’s LOR with –


We provide you with a comprehensive format or sample format of previous applicants of letter of recommendation for College having certain factors including-

  • Introduction
  • Acquaintance
  • Academic achievements
  • Positive attributes
  • Soft skills
  • Work or research work experience
  • Co-curricular and community services feedback
  • An adequate closing

Editing services

If you avail of our letter of recommendation services which comes under application services, you will be provided with editing services of our expert editors concerning your LOR to make it look more apparent and persuasive to the admission officers.

What to include-

  • How long your prior teacher or professor has known you
  • A real assessment of your academic calibre
  • Major abilities, strengths, areas of improvement, motivation, etc.
  • Teamwork or individual working abilities
  • Any attribute noticed at a personal level
  • Communication skills and decision making

These are a few factors on which your letter of recommendation for college is prepared and a valuable document that helps in your application process for overseas education. For availing certain services regarding the same you are suggested to contact us and make your journey go smooth and free of hassle.

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