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Awesome Letter of Recommendation

A college recommendation letter is a document provided by your previous teacher or professor stating your academic background, skills and capabilities. It is an overview of your personality to the admission officers. You have come across people saying how carefully an application needs to be prepared, and a well-crafted letter of recommendation for college is one such required document that would bring you closer to your selection which ultimately intensifies the opportunities of getting spotted by the admission officer.

Why is it Important?

An LOR basically works as a proof of your school or college academic qualifications, achievements, or any projects. For instance, you have been a part of a project in your school or college days that received considerably good recognition, etc. Also, it should be coming from an impartial source because the admission officers assume it to be a better parameter to judge a student.

Third person perspective

Letters of recommendation are written by a third person like your teacher or professor, it is considered an honest perspective of them about you. A third person review would be considered as reliable and help the admission officers to get an idea of your personality and the background or skills you possess. Also, how well would you fit in the university or the program?

Points to be added in a LOR

A recommendation letter for college is a document by which you are judged in front of the admission officer. It reflects your personality and how you had been in your previous academics and other activities. It is also a step that you need to cross in order to let your application precede. Firstly, it should contain things which explain the relationship of a student with the referee and secondly it should include your areas of expertise, acknowledgments, academics, skills, interests and the strong and weak areas also to some extent. Our admission consultant will provide you many previous letters of recommendation examples and sample LORs to give you an idea of the way it’s written and what to and what not to be included.

Our Role

Our overseas admission experts would provide this service with respect to the application services. They have been helping students from all around the globe in overseas admissions and providing their university application services which also include how to write a recommendation letter for college. 

An LOR requires the teacher/employer to make his/her assessment of the applicant’s appropriateness for the chosen course. The document should constitute the following.

  • How long the referee has known the applicant and to what extent
  • A realistic assessment of the applicant’s academic caliber (for those still pursuing a degree, assessment of degree prospects)
  • What he/she considers to be the applicant’s major skills, strengths or weaknesses Motivation, and suitability for the program applied for
  • The applicant’s ability to communicate in English
  • An assessment of the ability to work independently (preferably concerning projects handled independently)
  • Special attributes that the referee may have noticed in the applicant at a personal level
  • Any other characteristics that would help the faculty to decide on the applicant’s suitability for the program.
  • For MBA, in addition to the above, the LOR should mention leadership skills, capacity to reason logically, presentation skills, the tendency for teamwork, and the ability to meet deadlines.

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