Why is Germany most favourite study destinations for Indian students?

Germany is one the most developed countries in the world with great universities, learning experiences, a vigorous atmosphere, an adaptive habitat, and nearly 12 lack open job opportunities. Germany has become of the most preferred destinations for Indian students in recent years. Lakhs of students every year opt to study in Germany, out of which the third-largest group belongs to the Indian students which are nearly about 25,000 if we talk in numbers. It offers quality education, job opportunities, tuition-free education, easy work permits; etc, and combining these entire factors makes Germany a desirable place for Indian students.

GoToUniversity always encourages the students who want to attain a remarkable learning experience at the top university in Germany that comes in the category of the most recognized universities in the world. The country has a wide and rich history with a passionate lifestyle of people. There are several reasons to why Indian students choose Germany as their study destination. Our overseas education consultants in Germany from GoToUniversity have listed some of the interesting facts about Germany for you- 

Top universities

Germany is a country where low or no fees are charged for university admission. Another reason is the top universities in Germany where the quality of education is provided to students with a high acceptance rate and graduation success ratio. Students who attain a degree from a German university heighten their chance of being hired by renowned and well-known companies. 

Less or no tuition fees

Higher education these days is one of the primary reasons for most Indian students to migrate to countries like Germany. It has made it convenient for students to complete their degrees with minimal or almost no tuition fees. Germany provides quality education and still, has no fees making it one of the most preferred higher study destinations in the world and students can concentrate on their studies without worrying about high tuition fees.

Job opportunities and easy work permit

The government of Germany permits part-time jobs of 20 hours/week for students while studying. The tuition fee is very less but student manages their living costs by working part-time. The work experience also adds an extra benefit to their further jobs. Germany with the fifth-largest economy in the world offers plenty of work opportunities and to ensure that a student should learn theoretical and practical knowledge, the universities have tie-up with different companies and provide students a chance to become highly employable and solve real-world problems. India is also the fastest growing economy in the world and studying and Germany could be a mutual benefit also. 

Diverse culture

If you plan to study in Germany, you will figure out that students and people from different parts of the world migrate for higher education and better work opportunities. Students get along and engage themselves very well in the diverse culture or environment, there are surely many things that students from India acquire and exchange with them, like learning a different language, exposure to different cultures, learning different styles of work, improved lifestyle and so on.

Adds a language to the profile

German, being one of the most widely spoken languages in the world leaves Indian students with many options concerning the prospects to move to some other countries or other parts of Europe where German is highly acceptable and enhances their profile and personality. When students opt to study in Germany they learn to speak German by living with the German people and the chances of being offered and picked by some great companies are automatically heightened. 

Our Germany admission consultants have been providing admission services to the students who wish to study in Germany and shape their careers in the country itself. You may reach out to our consultants at GoToUniversity and make your admission process easier.

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