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Bachelors and masters in architecture in Sapienza university of rome

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In accordance with the European Directive Architects, this Single-Cycle (5-year-long) Degree in Architecture will equip students with the skills to creatively master all the transformations of anthropic space, merging back together architecture and urban space, building design and structure, city and environment, innovation and conservation. In other words, it will form architects capable of balancing between theoretical and cultural knowledge and technical and professional skills, in order to guarantee cultural awareness, creative skills, and up-to-date knowledge of the technical sphere, as well as of that of production and of the job market.

Transcripts from the previously attended institutes, Photocopy of high school diploma (obtained after at least 12 years of studies), translated into Italian, Copy of residence permit, Italian Language Profeciency test (minimum accepted language levels are: B2, C1, C2.), Admission test

Design engineer, Specialist in computer-aided design of technological processes, IT specialist in contemporary physics experiment


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