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Bs and ms in computer science in University of pittsburgh

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The BS degree program in computer science requires 120 credits of coursework including 40 credits of CS coursework, a capstone experience, and 11 to 12 credits in Math/Stat. It is designed to be completed by a full-time student in four academic years. The 30-credit MS degree program in computer science may take two academic years to complete, depending on the academic performance and preparation of the BS degree holder, e.g. how well they satisfy the prerequisites for admission to graduate school at Pitt. However, the requirements of the two degree programs can be accomplished by our best students over a period of five years.

Official high school transcript, Short Answer Questions and Letters of Recommendation, A review of the overall academic record, Official SAT or ACT test results

Data analyst, Database administrator,IT consultant, Information systems manager, Systems analyst.


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