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Associate of arts philosophy optional coop in Douglas college

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In this program, you ll study ancient philosophy, including the thoughts and teachings of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle; Asian philosophy, which introduces belief systems such as Taoism and Buddhism; and philosophy of love, law, mind, art and education.

Transcripts, BC secondary school graduation, One course short of BC secondary school graduation, Completion of a certificate or equivalent from a special needs program and has been in school for 12 years, TOEFL-45 (internet-based) or 450 (paper-based), IELTS score of 3.0 in Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking (Academic Module only)

Barrister, Civil Service fast streamer, Health service manager, Local government officer, Marketing executive, Newspaper journalist, Paralegal.

31st May

Study in Toronto School of Management


University Canada West


University for the Creative Arts


Berlin School of Business and Innovation


St. George's University School Of Medicine