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Associate of arts in liberal arts humanities in Colorado mesa university

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The Humanities refer to disciplines that focus on the human condition, the social and cultural relationships we form with others. In contrast to math and the natural sciences, which privilege empirical methods to study society and the natural world, the humanities tend to use analytical and speculative approaches to understand our social, cultural, and personal contexts. After completing Essential Learning requirements, students will choose courses that help them explore how we understand and express ourselves, from Art, Dance, English, Graphic Art, and Foreign Languages, to Literature, Mass Communication, Music, Philosophy, Speech, and Theater.

Official Secondary/High School Transcripts, Official Bank Statement(s), Copy of Valid Passport, TOEFL iBT of 70, IELTS of 6.0, SAT I or ACT test scores, Letter(s) of recommendation, Personal Essay.

Editor,Journalist,Policy Analyst,Publicist

1st May

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St. George's University School Of Medicine


University Canada West


Berlin School of Business and Innovation