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Advanced diploma in arts in University of new england armidale

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Add an area of expertise to your CV and gain an undergraduate qualification without committing to a full bachelor s degree.You will develop research, critical thinking, and writing skills in the core units.With the minor and elective units, you tailor the course to your specific interests and career objectives by choosing from an extensive selection of arts, humanities and social science units.With our Advanced Diploma in Arts you have the freedom to explore related subjects, or a range of different topics.With this flexibility, your advanced diploma can be customised to your aspirational and practical needs.It will also qualify you to go on to a Bachelor of Arts if you re keen to continue your studies.Consider this course as a springboard towards future proofing your career.

A candidate shall:(a) be qualified for admission (see Admission, Credit and Enrolment Guidelines); or(b) hold an AQF Level 5 Diploma in Arts from UNE.

management,public relations,education,human resources,government and public sector


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