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Bachelor in landscape design in Universite libre de bruxelles ulb

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Learn about landscape systems and to understand the complexity of landscape in relation to the creation of outdoor spaces with positive cultural and environmental impact. The green spaces in our modern world are treasured. Not just for their aesthetic, but for the balance they bring. They create natural habitats. They shade hot city streets. They connect us with the natural environment. This is why landscape architecture is such an important part of metropolitan and regional planning for the future.

A certificate of higher secondary education, the transcript of your last year of secondary studies, pass the examination of mastery of the French language, an average grade of 13/20 for your high school diploma for which an upper secondary school certificate (CESS) must be obtained, the candidate must pass the B2 level French language proficiency test , TOEFL and IELTS scores

Architects, Civil Engineers, Construction Managers, Drafters, Environmental Scientists and Specialists,

30th Apr

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