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Bachelor in computer science in Catholic university of louvain

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Computer science, or more generally information and communications technology (ICT), is everywhere; everyone uses computers/smartphones/ to communicate, work, study, play, travel, and manage. More and more activities are assisted by computers. SMEs, public services, education world, associations, leisure, in two words the world, has a growing need for computer scientists who are competent, creative and motivated. We cannot count the daily-used IT systems: Internet, mobile, social networks, robotics, home automation, e-commerce, search engines, business management, hospitals, road safety, exhibitions and management of theatres or museums, transport, energy supply and many other areas rely on IT. There will be more and more areas impacted by ICT tomorrow and more complex applications will be needed.

Transcripts from all of the previously attended institutions, A Certificate of Upper Secondary Education or equivalent, Official documentation attesting to a student s ability to pursue higher education (dipl me d'aptitude acc der l'enseignement sup rieur - DAES), issued by the Examination Board of the French Community, French language proficiency test: DELF, DALF, Cover Letter.

Consultant, Manager, Project manager, Researcher, Computer scientist and Programmer.

30th Apr

University Canada West


De Montfort University


Berlin School of Business and Innovation


Georgian College