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Bachelor in computer science in Universite libre de bruxelles ulb

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At the end of the study cycle, the student will so have acquired:The capacity to develop an IT project, thanks to the various lectures in programming, algorithmics and software engineering.The mastery of major computing topics, in particular operating systems and computers architecture, algorithmics, databases, software engineering, networking, programming languages and the bio-informatics.The capacity to search information and to inquire and to express himself/herself both in French and in English, thanks to the language courses and to the various essays, homeworks and projects. The capacity to develop auto-learning strategies and adapt in order to maintain a high level of knowledge and the ability to use computing tools.

A certificate of higher secondary education, the transcript of your last year of secondary studies, pass the examination of mastery of the French language, an average grade of 13/20 for your high school diploma for which an upper secondary school certificate (CESS) must be obtained, the candidate must pass the B2 level French language proficiency test , TOEFL and IELTS scores

Software Developer, Computer Systems Analyst, Database Administrator, Systems Administrator, Business Analyst

30th Apr

University Canada West


University Of Lethbridge


Queens University Belfast


Georgian College


Berlin School of Business and Innovation