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Bachelor in pharmacy in Universite libre de bruxelles ulb

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At the end of the program, the students:will have acquired basic expertise for the analysis of drugs, their components and their metabolites.Will be able to recognize the major targets of drugs and to explain the biomedical basis for their use in therapeutics.Will be able to work in various laboratories (medical, toxicological, food analysis) and various research departments.The program is organized by the Faculty of Pharmacy which has extensive collaboration (teaching and research) with the Faculty of Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine.

A certificate of higher secondary education, the transcript of your last year of secondary studies, pass the examination of mastery of the French language, an average grade of 13/20 for your high school diploma for which an upper secondary school certificate (CESS) must be obtained, the candidate must pass the B2 level French language proficiency test , TOEFL and IELTS scores

Pharmacist, Analytical laboratory, Pharmaceutical industry, Teaching, Public administration

30th Apr

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