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Bachelor in physiotherapy and rehabilitation in Universite libre de bruxelles ulb

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The aim of the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation programme is to educate health professionals who can plan and implement the required physical therapy interventions and rehabilitation programs, which are developed by a physician after the diagnose, for the patient who has become disabled congenitally or later for any reason. A physiotherapist, as a member of a health team, have important roles particularly in physical therapy units, orthopedics, neurology, burns, cardiology, pediatrics and gynecology clinics. A physiotherapist is also an important member of a rehabilitation center.

A certificate of higher secondary education, the transcript of your last year of secondary studies, pass the examination of mastery of the French language, an average grade of 13/20 for your high school diploma for which an upper secondary school certificate (CESS) must be obtained, the candidate must pass the B2 level French language proficiency test , TOEFL and IELTS scores

Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Mental health, Orthopedics, Sports Physical Therapy

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