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Bachelor in philosophy in Universite libre de bruxelles ulb

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The research-intensive focus ensures you have the skills to identify and solve complex problems, independently manage and lead projects, and communicate incisively across a range of platforms. During the course you will study abroad at one of UWA's international partner institutions, expanding your connections among the international community. The cross-cultural learning this experience fosters is an invaluable asset in today's globalised workplace where intercultural knowledge is highly regarded.

A certificate of higher secondary education, the transcript of your last year of secondary studies, pass the examination of mastery of the French language, an average grade of 13/20 for your high school diploma for which an upper secondary school certificate (CESS) must be obtained, the candidate must pass the B2 level French language proficiency test , TOEFL and IELTS scores

Barrister, Civil Service fast streamer, Health service manager, Local government officer, Marketing executive, Newspaper journalist

30th Apr

University Canada West


Mohawk College


University Of Leicester


Georgian College


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