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Bachelor of agricultural economics in Laval university

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Agroeconomics is just as important for people interested in the human sciences as it is for applied sciences. This bachelor's degree will allow you to acquire skills in agronomy, economics, business management and development, marketing and marketing of food products and agricultural policies. You will have the skills to intervene throughout the agri-food chain, from production to consumption, including processing, supply management, distribution and international trade. With this training, you will acquire the tools that will make you a strong link in the agri-food chain. This multidisciplinary training integrates notions of agronomy, administration, economics and politics applied to the agri-food sector.

"Hold a diploma with 13 years of schooling equivalent to the Diploma of College Studies of Quebec (DEC), the baccalaureate of French secondary education, the baccalaureate conferred by the institutions of most countries of French-speaking Africa, the General Certificate of Education (GCE) obtained in an English-speaking country with ""3 A Level"" in the disciplines preparing for the university program, TFI test scores"

Regional and International Development Officer, Agricultural Economist, International Trade Analyst, Economics and Agri-Food Policy Analyst, Agricultural Finance Advisor, Farm Management Advisor

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