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Bachelor of agronomy general agronomy in Laval university

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This bachelor's degree will make you a generalist agronomist with scientific knowledge in the field, a global vision of agricultural production systems, an understanding of agricultural reality, as well as personal skills and a command of communication to provide services. agri-environment advice as well as on soils, crops and livestock. During your training, you will study the development, adaptation, dissemination and popularization of agricultural production methods. You will acquire skills to ensure sustainable practices by evaluating land, crop and livestock development projects and applying the regulatory framework to agricultural production. You will explore various marketing opportunities for agricultural and agri-food products.

"Hold a diploma with 13 years of schooling equivalent to the Diploma of College Studies of Quebec (DEC), the baccalaureate of French secondary education, the baccalaureate conferred by the institutions of most countries of French-speaking Africa, the General Certificate of Education (GCE) obtained in an English-speaking country with ""3 A Level"" in the disciplines preparing for the university program, TFI test scores"

Agronomist, Agricultural Consultant or Consultant, Management Advisor or Account Manager, Farm Manager or Head of Culture, Sales Representative

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