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Bachelor of agri environmental engineering in Laval university

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With this bachelor's degree, which will allow you to acquire notions in mechanical engineering, civil engineering, agronomy and environment applied in agriculture, you will demonstrate that it is possible to combine agricultural production and preservation of the environment. This program will allow you to stand out as an engineer by your skills applied to a particular sector: the agri-environment. You will prepare for the management of soil and water resources and the protection of the environment with a view to sustainable development. You will learn how to design machinery and equipment for plant and animal production systems as well as manage agri-food processes and by-products.

"Hold a diploma with 13 years of schooling equivalent to the Diploma of College Studies of Quebec (DEC), the baccalaureate of French secondary education, the baccalaureate conferred by the institutions of most countries of French-speaking Africa, the General Certificate of Education (GCE) obtained in an English-speaking country with ""3 A Level"" in the disciplines preparing for the university program, TFI test scores"

Engineer, Agronomist, Project manager, Agri-Environmental Engineering Consultant, Teacher, Agricultural Development Advisor

15th Jan

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