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Bachelor in anthropology in Aarhus university

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When you study anthropology, you combine the social sciences and the humanities. You learn about the diversity of the world s societies and cultures, and you study how culture, society, morals, traditions and social interactions affect us as human beings. The course programme at Anthropology combines lectures, exercises and classroom teaching. You will make presentations, participate in discussions and work on projects with your study group. Preparing for seminars and lectures will take up many hours of your time, and getting acquainted with the central theories and issues of the field of anthropology will require a lot of reading.

Upper secondary school diploma and grade transcript , TOEFL ibT of 83, IELTS of 6.5, English B Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) (only grades A, B or C) or First Certificate with grade A or 180 points as a minimum on the Cambridge English Scale, (I)GCSE and (I)GCSE AS- and A-levels, IB at 24, The Study-test in Danish as a Foreign Language.

Governmental Advisor, Archaeologist, Overseas Consultant , Museum Curator , Museum Curator , University Course Coordinator

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