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Bachelor in political science in Aarhus university

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At the heart of the Bachelor s degree programme in political science is politology, the science of politics. As a political science student, you learn about the workings of society, the political system and the ways in which politicians, organisations, non-governmental organisations and other stakeholders and citizens interact. Studying political science you gain both universal and profound insights into the workings of society. You acquire the methodological and analytical tools needed to grasp and analyse complex, organisational and political problems.

Upper secondary school diploma and grade transcript , TOEFL ibT of 83, IELTS of 6.5, English B Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) (only grades A, B or C) or First Certificate with grade A or 180 points as a minimum on the Cambridge English Scale, (I)GCSE and (I)GCSE AS- and A-levels, IB at 24, The Study-test in Danish as a Foreign Language.

Consultant, Administrative officer, Managerial positions with Danish government agencies and institutions and organisation

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