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Ba art history and archeology in University of poitiers

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The training in Art History and Archeology fulfills several objectives, on the disciplinary and methodological levels.The variety of courses offered as part of the license guarantees students the acquisition of a solid base of knowledge, in the four periods of Art History (Ancient, Medieval, Modern and Contemporary) as well as in Archeology. The specialties of the teaching-researchers of the department allow to diversify the scientific approaches, the contents of the courses and the artistic disciplines approached (painting, sculpture, engraving, architecture, photography, video art, performance, comic strip, film...).From the point of view of methodology, the student benefits from a complete training throughout his license: he learns to master the standard exercises of the discipline, in writing (dissertation, commentary on the work, report exhibition, reading note, etc.) and oral (presentations, speaking exercises, training in mediation, etc.). They are offered the opportunity to deepen a foreign language and to master digital and communication tools.

Official high school transcript , ACT and SAT test Scores, Language Proficiency with Minimum Average of 6.5 in IELTS

Arts Development Officer for County Council, Exhibitions Manager, Heritage Management,Higher Education Lecturer.

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