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The Arabic License offers an opening onto a cultural area that is both close to Europe and too often overlooked. In France today, many young people, for very different reasons, need or want to learn to master both French and Arabic, as well as the passage from one language to another. , by illuminating each culture in the light of the other. It is by working in both languages that one gains this freedom.

Bachelor, DAEU-A or any equivalent French or foreign title, validation of learning or experience, Level B2 in Spanish and French is required to register for a Spanish LLCER License, Baccalaureate exams - Results of the Baccalaureate / DAEU / French patent, Language Level:French B2, Arabic studied in LV1 or LV2 in high school for enrollment in L1, Arabic B2 for registration in L2 or L3, Admission requirements depend on the year of study you wish to apply to 1st year of Bachelors Licence degree or higher level, your nationality and current residence, admission into the first year of Licence L1, you must present a diploma of high school graduation, hold a B1 level in French, Applications must be submitted to the French embassy of your country of residence, French Baccalaur at, Demande d'Admission Pr alable has to be made before applying to university, It concerns Non-EU applicants who do not hold a French or European Baccalaureate and who are entering the first year of a Bachelor's degree

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