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Ba education and social work adult education in University of tubingen

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The Bachelor Degree Program in Educational Science and Social Work / Adult Education is a one-to-one course in Educational Science with a basic area, research methods and two selectable majors (social education / social work or adult education / continuing education). In addition, there are two binding reference subjects (Empirical Educational Research and Educational Psychology and Sociology), an optional subject and the field of interdisciplinary qualifications.

Applicants must have average grade of higher education entrance qualification (Abitur), vocational training, work experience, special education or extracurricular achievements and qualifications (eg prizes, awards) related to biochemistry stand. For these additional qualifications, a bonus on the final grade of up to 0.5 credit points can be awarded, The study and examination language is German. Individual courses can be conducted in English. Further literature is usually written in English. Therefore good English skills are required. However, formal proof of English is not required, Foreign applicants must demonstrate their abiliy to study by submitting one of the following two certificates: DSH , at least with the overall result DSH 2 or DSH 3 or TestDaF , in all partial examinations at least with the result 4 or 5 (level), Applicants with a German Bachelor Degree do not need proof of their German language skills, Letter of motivation (max. 1 page) in English or German, CV in tabular format in English or German, Certificate equivalent to the German Abitur certificate

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