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Ba ethnology in University of tubingen

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In this study program, you learn everything that distinguishes ethnology. So you acquire both theoretical and regional knowledge. That's why you have two types of events in the first four semesters. On the one hand lectures, seminars and tutorials, in which you will be taught the basics of ethnology.

Should require minor must be chosen. Recommended as a minor: Geography, Jurisprudence, History, Sociology, Educational Science, Economics, Political Science, Languages, History and Cultures of the Middle East,Slavic Studies (Russian), Sinology (Chinese). Other subjects are also possible according to the examination regulations, Only in combination with a BA major, in which a minor can be chosen, The language acquisition and deepening of a language from the region of South or Central Asia is required. These include Turkish as well as related Turkic languages (eg Azeri, Uzbek, Kyrgyz, depending on the offer), Persian, Russian, Hindi or Urdu, Tamil, other South Asian languages (eg Oriya, Bengali, Assamese, depending on the offer) , Chinese in exceptional cases, Letter of motivation (max. 1 page) in English or German, CV in tabular format in English or German, Certificate equivalent to the German Abitur certificate

Journalism, Development Cooperation, Cultural Management, International Politics

15th Jul

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