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The BA program Media Studies - Media Practice at the Institute for Media Studies T bingen aims to combine the imparting of media-practical skills with a modern degree in humanities and social sciences. On the one hand, it brings students closer to editorial work in traditional and digital media and, on the other hand, it provides the necessary academic qualifications for admission to a master's degree program.

Applicant should have Prerequisites for a proper application are the completed application for admission (cover sheet), a completed questionnaire, a short cover letter with curriculum vitae or a presentation of the career and the proof of higher education entrance qualification. If the higher education entrance qualification has been obtained in a non-German-speaking country, an additional DSH examination is required in which at least grade 2-3 has been achieved (ie 75% of the achievable points). If you have completed a vocational training or have already worked in media practice (eg internship, freelance work), we kindly ask you to attach testimonials and work samples. The same applies to stays abroad and additional foreign language certificates, which can be documented, for example, with certificates and certificates, To read specialized literature good English skills are required. Additional proof of foreign language proficiency may provide an advantage in the application process.

Journalism, Publishers, Market And Opinion Research

15th Jul

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