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Bs chemistry in University of rostock

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The Bachelors degree in Chemistry provides comprehensive theoretical and practical training in inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, technical chemistry and environmental chemistry, as well as in toxicology and law. Students also attend lectures and classes in maths and physics, including an internship in physics. Right from Bachelors level, students gain insight into current research topics by completing a Bachelors thesis at the end of the course

Attested copies of your educational background certificates such as from secondary school, university entrance exams, academic records of prior university semesters and other university reports and diplomas, proof of pre-check of the German embassy, complete curriculum vitae, an attested copy of your certificate of sufficient German language skills, attested German or English transcripts of all your documents, proof of paid fee for UNI-ASSIST, ability to apply sound knowledge and skills to mathematical and physical problems is a significant advantage, Required language level German level B2

Academic Researcher, Analytical Chemist, Biotechnologist, Chemical Engineer

20th Aug

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