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Bed in mathematics in Johannes gutenberg university mainz

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Mathematics is not only a time-honored science, the history of which goes back more than 2500 years, but is now, more than ever, a lively and productive field of research. Mathematics is omnipresent in the modern information society. New computer chips are produced according to mathematical models. Without mathematics, complex processes in social systems and taxation systems are inconceivable. Mathematicians provide advice to companies on complex corporate decisions.

Transcripts from the previously attended schools, Certificates recognized as being equivalent to the German Abitur, Foreign certificates that allow for admission to universities abroad but are not considered equivalent to the German Abitur require the holder to pass an assessment test, the so called Feststellungspr fung, Officially certified proof of German language proficiency at the advanced level, (DSH-2)

Cryptographer, Mathematician, Economist, Actuary, Financial planner

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