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Bsc physics in Jacobs university

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Physics has developed fundamental concepts of space, time, and matter which have shaped our view of the universe. It not only lays the foundation for other natural sciences, but physics is also a fundamental part of modern technology as it can be found in solar cells, computers, and airplanes. The program covers an introduction to classical and modern physics followed by advanced courses in electrodynamics, relativity, quantum physics, and solid state physics, to name but a few. Students get the opportunity to participate in current faculty research projects.

Common Applicaton, One recommendation letter, Transcripts, SAT/ACT scores, Language Proficiency Test

Careers in research (including interdisciplinary fields of geoscience, biophysics, and nanotechnology), engineering-based positions in academia and industry, working in the financial sector, consultancy, aerospace engineering, medical technology, information technology, and renewable energies.

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