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The study program Psychology deals with the general principles underlying human behavior, emotions, and thought, their empirical investigation, and the implications of research findings for theoretical questions and in a variety of applied settings. At the center of this program is the role of human cognitions and feelings for interaction and communication across multiple dimensions of diversity with respect to the individual, dyads, and groups and within and between societies. Understanding and explaining related phenomena, such as conflict and cooperation, involves an interdisciplinary view on the interaction of biological, psychological, and cultural processes. The program includes training in analytical and research methods, and also in a range of applied (interpersonal and intercultural) skills.

Common Applicaton, One recommendation letter, Transcripts, SAT/ACT scores, Language Proficiency Test

Careers in intercultural relations, diversity management, human resources, information and media, sales and advertising, politics, non-governmental organizations. Graduate studies in a variety of psychological disciplines.

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