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Bsc honours in engineering physics in Hong kong polytechnic university

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Engineering Physics is a unique programme that focuses on the application of physics to engineering. This combination enables our graduates to function flexibly and effectively in various careers. Students gain the ability to analyze and solve practical/engineering problems, which prepares them for complex workplace situations, technological advances and change. This is the only programme in Hong Kong that amalgamates applied physics and engineering. We produce versatile graduates who can comfortably cope with the multifaceted global economy and fast-paced high technology. Students benefit from training in both physics and engineering and from familiarization with sophisticated equipment, including electron microscopes, lasers, solar simulator, surface coating equipment and LED characterisation instruments.

GCE Advanced Level or International Advanced Level with passes in 3 AL, OR 2 AL and 2 AS, subjects, Applicants attaining good results in science subjects (biology, chemistry and/or physics) are preferred, Transcript / Certificate, IB: A minimum score of 24 with at least grade 4 in 2 Higher Level subjects, TOEFL ibT of 80, IELTS of 6

Careers in Testing and certification, LED industry, Medical engineering, Aviation industry, Software development

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