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Bachelors in food technology in University of bologna

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This degree programme seeks to preparegraduates for work as food product and process technicians in food-processingcompanies (production, distribution, packaging, ingredients), public or privatefood quality laboratories, or the technical and operational sectors of thepublic administration. The objectives of the degree programme areto provide the knowledge needed to assess the chemical, physical, nutritionaland sensorial quality of food products, and operate and manage productionprocesses in accordance with modern standards for quality and safety, businesseconomics and marketing; as well as provide the skills required to makerational decisions about the transformation phases and processes that are mostsuitable for modern food processing and/or the supply of foodstuffs.

A foreign secondary school diploma, which was obtained following at least 12 years of schooling, Transcript of records, Documents giving evidence of the level of proficiency in the required language (minimum B1 level) English, Documents giving evidence of the level of proficiency in the required language (minimum B1 level), Language of the entrance University (French, Greek or Italian), CV, Motivation Letter, Letter of recommendations, Certificate of residence, IELTS and TOEFL scores

Food Technologist, Restaurant Manager, Food scientist, Nutritional therapist, Regulatory affairs officer, Technical brewer

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