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Bachelors in informatics in Sapienza university of rome

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The Degree Course in Computer Science aims to train professionals able to successfully face the challenges posed by the growing needs of the information society. Graduates in Computer Science will be provided with a solid basic cultural preparation, which will allow them to keep up with the progress of technology, and of a solid technical preparation, which will allow them a rapid professional integration in the field of information and communication technologies. . Furthermore, they will be able to access the university level following the first, in the IT sector. The basic cultural preparation will allow graduates in Computer Science to have: - familiarity with the scientific method of investigation; - ability to understand and use mathematical support tools; - methodological knowledge and basic skills in a wide spectrum of fields of science and information and communication technologies; - familiarity with at least one language of the European Union. For this purpose, the first two years of the course, equal for all students, provide basic teachings that are considered essential for the cultural, methodological and technical training of the graduate, while in the third year, in addition to completing this training, the student can choose courses that will characterize the profile in a more markedly methodological or applicative sense, following the proposed completion alternatives.

Transcripts from the previously attended institutes, Photocopy of high school diploma (obtained after at least 12 years of studies), translated into Italian, Copy of residence permit, Italian Language Profeciency test (minimum accepted language levels are: B2, C1, C2.), Admission test (PIVC)

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