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Bachelors in informtics in University of florence

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Information technology is an essential element of modern society, not only in so far as it is necessary for the normal performance of daily activities, but also in that its development shapes and determines that of the entire society There is no field of human activity where computer science discoveries have not left their mark The use of the calculator, in fact, has left the traditional fields of scientific calculation to enter all areas of industrial production, from medicine to publishing From the application of information technology to telecommunications, for example, telematics was born, which transformed the way of communicating by allowing computers to be connected to the network and allowing the immediate exchange of complex documents, images and sounds

Transcripts from the previously attended schools,High School Diploma, Have obtained a valid qualification for access to university courses at the end of a school period of at least 12 years, Italian Language Profeciency test , Entrance Exam

Computer technician, Software application developer, Computer network manager, Information systems designer

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