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Bachelors in natural sciences in University of bologna

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The degree programme provides students with the means of observing, describing and interpreting the natural systems of the Earth and universe, applying the scientific method to the physical realm and the biosphere. It aims to produce graduates capable of sampling, classifying, analysing, repairing and preserving physical and biotic components of natural, aquatic and land ecosystems in parks and nature reserves, and working as experts in science museums and education centres. One of the prime purposes of the degree programme is to train its graduates to become teachers of and educators in natural science via centres designed for the purpose: museums, parks, protected zones and nature reserves. The programme supplies the scientific and theoretical/practical basis that a naturalist needs within environmental milieus and in teaching in the broad sense. It also provides a methodological and scientific grounding for lifelong learning and the basic methods required for research into natural science.

A secondary school diploma awarded after five years of study or a foreign qualification recognised as suitable, a good knowledge of the Italian language, both oral and written, logical reasoning abilities, knowledge and ability to apply the basics of mathematics, physics and experimental sciences, Documents giving evidence of the level of proficiency in the required language (minimum A2 level), Language of the entrance University (French, Greek or Italian), CV, Motivation Letter, Letter of recommendations, IELTS and TOEFL scores

Natural Resources Specialist, Sustainability Coordinator, Watershed Program Specialist, Administrative Specialist

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