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Bachelors in philosophy in Sapienza university of rome

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The Degree Course in Philosophy, in addition to fostering a solid knowledge of the history of philosophical thought (and not only) in the West from antiquity to today, with openings to Arab and Jewish reflection, offers courses in all disciplines of contemporary philosophy, each of which is represented by a still adequate number of teachers of different directions and training (national and international): theoretical philosophy of both hermeneutic-continental and analytical footprint ; logic, epistemology and philosophy of science; moral philosophy, philosophy of religion, philosophical anthropology, bioethics and gender studies; aesthetics; philosophy of language; political and social philosophy.

Transcripts from the previously attended institutes, Photocopy of high school diploma (obtained after at least 12 years of studies), translated into Italian, Copy of residence permit, Italian Language Profeciency test (minimum accepted language levels are: B2, C1, C2.), Admission test (PIVC)

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