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Bachelors in philosophy in University of bologna

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Basic learning is understood as both critical skills in approaching the fundamental aspects of contemporary philosophical debate and the analysis of the roots of such debate in the history of philosophical thought. The learning outcomes are assessed in the exams following each course unit, intermediate tests, activities and workshops aiming to apply the acquired knowledge and competences. In year I the general curriculum provides contents, methodologies and basic terms required to master the fields of history of philosophy, history of science and technique, aesthetics, moral, and the ability to use an EU foreign language in oral and written form.

A secondary school diploma awarded after five years of study or a foreign qualification recognised as suitable, a good knowledge of the Italian language, both oral and written, logical reasoning abilities, knowledge and ability to apply the basics of mathematics, physics and experimental sciences, Documents giving evidence of the level of proficiency in the required language (minimum B1 level), Language of the entrance University (French, Greek or Italian), CV, Motivation Letter, Letter of recommendations, Certificate of residence, IELTS and TOEFL scores

Philosopher, Philosophy teacher, Learning and Development Specialist, Program Coordinator, Continuity Coordinator

3rd May

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