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Bachelors in labour and corporate relations advisor in University of bologna

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Graduates of the degree programme in Business Consultingand Corporate Relations have an in-depth knowledge of all the aspectsinterconnected with the labour law sector and the ability to apply itsregulations. They also have the skills of a philosophical/historical,computer-related, economic and sociological nature as well as in the areas ofprivate law, constitutional law, commercial law, tax law and procedural law. The education plan is divided into two learning areas:the area of history, private law and constitutional law and the labour lawarea. The course structure diagram includes the activation ofstrictly labour law course units, as well as course units with labour lawaspects that are both explicit and implicit.

A secondary school diploma awarded after five years of study or a foreign qualification recognised as suitable, knowledge and skills in biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, logical reasoning, Documents giving evidence of the level of proficiency in the required language (minimum A2 level), Language of the entrance University (French, Greek or Italian), CV, Motivation Letter, Letter of recommendations, Certificate of residence, IELTS and TOEFL scores

Labour and corporate relations advisor, Legal advisor, Solicitor, Barrister

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Georgian College


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De Montfort University


Berlin School of Business and Innovation


University Of Leicester