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Bachelors in bioinformatics in Sapienza university of rome

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Bioinformatics is a well-established discipline with universally recognized and required skills on the national and international market, in both the public and private sector. This discipline historically developed from the sequencing of the genomes of model organisms and above all of the human genome in the 1990s, and has now become included in basic research in genetics, biochemistry and molecular biology and in the more applicative biomedical field to the point a close peer-to-peer collaboration is required between the biologist/ medic and the expert in data analysis (bioinformatics).

Transcripts from the previously attended institutes, Photocopy of high school diploma (obtained after at least 12 years of studies), translated into Italian, Copy of residence permit, Italian Language Profeciency test (minimum accepted language levels are: B2, C1, C2.), Admission test

Graduates in the Bachelors Degree in Bioinformatics can find jobs in IT service organizations, IT industries operating in the fields of software and hardware production for bioinformatics or medical-clinical applications, research bodies - public and private - and genomics and health institutions

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