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Bachelors in biotechnology biomolecular in University of florence

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The biomolecular curriculum trains graduates who are experts in the design and preparation of bioactive molecules and in the structural and functional characterization of biomolecules in fields ranging from basic research to research with applications in the environmental and industrial fieldsBy providing solid foundations of genetics, cellular and molecular biology, chemistry of biological molecules and bioinformatics, it allows the graduate to enter research contexts, where he makes a completely original contribution given the multidisciplinarity of his preparation

Transcripts from the previously attended schools,High School Diploma, Have obtained a valid qualification for access to university courses at the end of a school period of at least 12 years, Italian Language Profeciency test

Medical scientists, Biological technicians, Medical and Clinical Lab Technologists and Technicians, Biochemists and Biophysicists, Biomedical Engineers

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