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Bachelor of science in planetology in Kobe university

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Since we are dealing with a wide variety of natural phenomena from the core of the earth to the edge of the solar system, we want our students not only to acquire the wide knowledge and skills related to planetology, but also to develop broad viewpoints, creativity, and originality, allowing them to think outside the existing frameworks. To achieve this goal, we recommend that our students study mathematics, physics, earth science, chemistry, biology, etc. and become familiar with techniques and methods on field surveys, observations, experiments and theoretical analyses. It is difficult to achieve the goals of planetology with a passive attitude, but our faculty members will fully support you on your journey.

Transcripts fromm the previously attended schools, High school transcripts, Entrance Examination, Japanese language profeciency (JLPT)

Planetary Scientist, Astronomer, Astronaut, Environmental Consulatant

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