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Bachelor of arts in arts in Kobe university

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Art, music, theatre, photography, movies, etc., speaks to us in a way that cannot be exhausted as one of the greatest elegances created by mankind. Responding academically to this narrative is the aim of an art major. There are two ways to study art that appears in various ways in the east and west. One is to consider the art in general, theoretically, and the other is to analyze and study individual art genres. In the former, interesting themes that are difficult to explain in terms of logic and figures, such as the mechanism of art creation, the structure of art experience, the problem of imagination, the aesthetic experience when touching not only art but also natural beauty and familiar beautiful things, common sense, etc. Also handle.

Transcripts fromm the previously attended schools, High school transcripts, Entrance Examination, Japanese language profeciency (JLPT)

Animator, Art teacher, Cake decorator, Fashion designer

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