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The Department of Foreign Languages focuses on the development of modern languages excluding Malay and English. The emphasis is given to the study of language skills, linguistics, translation and interpretation. The Department also offers B.A programmes in Foreign Language majoring in Arabic, Chinese, French and German. These programmes are based on a holistic approach to produce well-balanced multilingual who are equally knowledgeable in diverse disciplines. The Department of Foreign Languages also offers 12 foreign language proficiency courses to all UPM undergraduate students. These courses are offered up to three levels, and upon completion of the third level with at least a B grade, the students will be given a certificate which for them would be a plus factor in entering the job market.

National Higher School Certificate (or an Advanced Level or the equivalent of 12 years of basic education) with the grade 80% and above, or a Diploma from recognized Institutions with at least a CGPA of 3.00, TOEFL ibT of 80, IELTS of 5.5, certified copies of academic certificates with detailed academic qualifications, Financial Statement, Certified Copy of Passport (First Page).

Language Analyst, Linguistic Expert, Coordinator, Telesurveyors, Administrative Assistant

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