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Bsc honours computer science in systems engineering in Middlesex university mauritius

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The Computer Science (Systems Engineering) program aims to combine key aspects of computer science and system engineering fields. This programme is for students seeking to become proficient in the computer science and systems engineering fields whilst focusing on a wide range of development skills and business oriented intelligent integrated solutions.You will learn high-level programming languages; program design; system development; software design methodologies; database design and management; web technologies.You will also gain knowledge and hands-on experience on multisensory signal processing and fusion techniques and the design of programmable systems used for both specialist and general purpose computing.

Relevant Certificates and transcripts, Academic reference,

Graduates can take on a variety of roles including Software Engineer, Network Analyst, Embedded Systems Programmer, Project Manager, Database Administrator and Web Designer. Computer Science graduates are now increasingly in high demand as computers and technology have now infiltrated all aspects of our everyday lives

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