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Ba in religious studies in Leiden university

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In the Religious Studies program you study religion from different perspectives, such as history, psychology, anthropology and sociology. You immerse yourself in religious expressions such as rituals, symbols, habits and experiences and you search for their origin, development, function and meaning.

Should have a Dutch VWO diploma without further requirements on your profile or should hvae a propedeuse or final diploma from a Dutch higher professional education institution or should have a propedeuse or final diploma of a Dutch university degree, requires International Baccalaureate diploma supplemented with Dutch B higher level as comparable to a Dutch VWO diploma and European Baccalaureate, Should have a VWO diploma obtained on Bonaire, VWO diploma obtained in Aruba, Sint Maarten, Cura ao or in Suriname, Certified copy of your orginal diploma, Certified copy of your complete list of grade,Dutch Language Proficiency.

Critical thinker, Researcher

1st Apr

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