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Bcis computer and information sciences in Auckland university of technology

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Study and you develop a technical understanding of computer hardware and software, the ability to develop high-quality computing solutions and an appreciation of what it takes to be a professional in this thriving industry. You might work for a hospital supporting high-tech medical equipment, work alongside engineers modelling bridges and tall buildings or provide IT solutions to corporate clients through your own company.

Twelfth grade certificate, statement of purpose, University Entrance:NCEA:Require NCEA level 3 certificate which consists of 80 credits, including at least 60 credits at level 3 or higher. Can include up to 20 credits at level 2.CIE: A minimum of 120 points on the UCAS Tariff2 at A or AS level from any subjects which are broadly equivalent to the subjects in the NCEA approved subject list.IB3:IB Diploma with minimum 24 points.NCEA: Preference will be given to students who have completed Year 13 with a rank score of 120 level 3 credits or higher, and have one or more subjects from Calculus, Mathematics, or Statistics.CIE: Minimum grade of D in AS Mathematics.Students without the above background may be directed to take certain mathematics papers in their first year.Preferred School Subjects:Calculus, Digital Technologies, Mathematics, Statistics.

Computer scientist, Software developers, Computer systems analyst, Computer systems engineer, Network systems administrator, Database administrator.

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