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Ba in mathematics in Massey university

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A Bachelor of Arts (Mathematics) opens up a world of opportunities. From securing sensitive communications using cryptography, to calculating the geostationary orbit of a satellite, maths is a product of human ingenuity that allows our modern world to exist. With a BA (Mathematics) you ll learn appropriate analytic and numerical methods for problem-solving that can be applied in a range of contexts and industries.

Transcripts,University Entrance Examination,Preferential Entry score,NCEA level 3,Cambridge International Examinations score,(The Preferential Entry Score from CIE, is 140 point),IB diploma,Personal Statement,Statement from Academic advisor,For Australian students:Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) score 74 or greater.Overall Position (OP) score 12 or lower.Tertiary Education Rank (TER) 74 or greater.Universities Admission Index (UAI) 74 or greater.IELTS and TOEFL test scores (IELTS minimum score 6.0,iBT TOEFL minimum score of 80.

Careers in Finance and banking,Market research and big data,Public and private consultancies,Government departments,Research and development agencies,Manufacturing,Teaching

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